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March 22nd, 2019: The retirement home of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Saint Brieuc, France, marks the 10th anniversary of the regular monthly meetings of artistic and interactive animations led by the "Pink Blouses!" -Pink Blouses work mainly with hospitalized children and elderly people in nursing home-

While a slide show runs in a loop on the screen showing the various activities and residents at work, Marguerite, Maryvonne, Sylviane, Manon and Brigitte present their National Association of the "Pink blouses", created in 1944 which currently counts, in France, 5000 trained volunteers to listen, comfort, distract, bring joy in the daily humdrum of loneliness, in hospitals with sick children as well as in retirement homes with elderly people. Beyond the various artistic animations the "Pink Blouses" add their touch of colour: as the saying goes "  Seeing life through rose-coloured glasses" or "in other words "  seeing life in a positive way, the colour pink is close to the feeling of appeasement and cheerfulness...". More than just the time spent during the workshop, are the intense moments of bonding creating the pleasure of meeting once a month on Friday afternoon. The "Pink Blouses" brightens up the day... as do so many other recreational activities proposed day after day.

An exhibition of their achievements offered reminders of these good moments while Lucie, the retirement home’s activity director, recited the poem written by a resident on "Spring" which is now blooming!

"It takes a whole winter to cradle spring: would it be a little prince charming? He certainly is, everyone loves him so much!

Do you see him, he moves forward in March carried by the wind. Happy and free, he sometimes takes his time: Winter is still at the door, he is coming, this year he gently moves. See the whole nature is eagerly waiting: the Daisy has gently ironed her collar, the Tulip preciously welcomes the dew, the Daffodil like a golden pipe stands proudly. Under the leaves, the shy Violet is humbly hiding, on the slopes, the Primrose merely flourishes, the Hyacinth perfumes the ambient air, the Mimosa sways its flowers gracefully; from its tall stem, the Iris spreads majestically. From the Camelia, the flowers warmly ignite. The Lilac, the rose are carefully waiting! 

What a beautiful bouquet awaits you… Come, Mister spring, come it is about time: everyone is waiting for you. Come in little Charming Prince, with your abundant sun shines!" Composed by Azeline Ameline, DHS

Marie-Thérèse Héliès, DHS- Published March 26th, 2019 


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