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Floods of gratitude... in Côtes d'Armor.

Floods of gratitude on May 10th 2019, for the 14 years of Mr. Couratin, Director of the EHPAD nursing home (EHPAD: nursing home for dependent seniors), located at the Mother-House of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, in Saint-Brieuc, Côtes d'Armor (Armor = the sea), Brittany, France, as he "devotes himself to a new profession, that of retiree!". Floods of gratitude that recognised "some of those traits and essential qualities, praiseworthy and appreciated by all those were fortunate enough to know him throughout this period." The nursing home being also Mother-House of the Congregation, it is a pleasurefor me to publish some of these echoes to all.

- From Sister Anne-Marie Le Pabic, Provincial of the France-Belgium-Holland Province.

During these 14 years, you have welcomed many residents. Among them many Sisters from the Province, who came here to peacefully end their beautiful and often long life.

This place is also steeped in history for the DHS. We have organized and lived together various gatherings and events (sometimes extended to our friends such as the Associates, the Consecrated Seculars, those whom we call the members of the Spiritual Family). We have been given the opportunity to appreciate, among other things, your organizational skills. At the Mother-House, our house, we also have celebrated a good number of "December 8ths" and "Pentecost". You know how important these celebrations are to the Congregation. You have always made the choice to be present. Your various collaborators, very mindful, have also put all their skills at the service of all. It is in on behalf of all the Sisters of the Province that I thank you for those 14 years lived with us, in our Mother-House. Wishing you a safe journey, Mr Couratin.

From Mr Mousson, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Jeanne Guernion Association is your employer but I have not omitted to mention the Mother-House. This was a decisive element for the acceptance of this position, as this dimension, associated with the management of the nursing home, was for you one of the essential motivations of your choice to join the 20 rue des Capucins.

You have joined this big house, whole-heartedly, keen to bring, as soon as possible your expertise and your visions in the service of its present and its future. We have not always agreed, but you can rest assured that we also have appreciated the positive impacts, when they occurred, for the work you have done for the progress of our establishment, the Association and therefore the Congregation. You have been able to show creativity in the fields of expression where you do not necessarily expect from a Director belonging to the world of health and social facility managers. Among those are: - The architectural creation linked to the needs of residents and staff, what have you not done architect? - More technical aspects: whether we are referring to the boiler room, energies, partitions, electricity, decorations, etc… whatever the field, you were not even afraid! - Let's not forget the intelligent mix of computing and telecoms helping to handle storage, management, access to data and their backup and once again we had the specialist !!! Bravo! For this multidisciplinary know-how. Thank you for your presence and your contribution on all these challenging issues.

These human qualities you own them, you practise them, I know it: - The residents told me and reiterated, particularly over the recent months, the announcement of your departure having become public knowledge, - The referent sisters, including Sister Agnes, referent of the Mother-House from whom you always benefitted from an attentive and compassionate listening, has confirmed this to me on several occasions, - Your supervisors, your staff who, if I believe what I have been told, apprehend your departure, this is indeed a true expression of recognition. - And finally, the congregation to which we are both attached, even though we have not necessarily always expressed it in the same way, testifies also this recognition being represented, at this moment, at the highest level, by two of its councilors, Sister Ann Donelly and Sister Ann Almodovar, the Superior General currently in Rome. For all these reasons, be sincerely and warmly thanked.

- From Sister Jeanne Thérèse Ameline, for the Nursing Home residents.

Mr Director,                                                              Residents and their relatives, caregivers, the Sisters of the house, volunteers, we are here to thank you for your vigilant and discreet presence at the superintendence of our Establishment since 2005. You have accompanied us to all our annual outings, taking part in the services that are required on these events that are so important for the residents. A few years back, you have taught us about the "citoyennage" to foster deeper and truer relations with the staff and also with the elders who have more difficulties ageing. With interest you have accompanied this movement.

How can we ignore your personal approach towards a fair recognition of work, an adequate wage. We keep in mind the recent Great Debate!

At New years, your wife and yourself addressed to us a letter that was very appreciated, with pictures mainly of your grandchildren, accompanied by tasty texts: You will now be given the pleasure of being more present with them. Our wishes for your retirement: first of all, a well-deserved rest, good health, a happy family life, the pleasure of fulfilling the desires of travel that you have not yet realized. Happy retirement and our thanks for what you are for us.

Mr Couratin, in an emotion sometimes palpable, responded with a "grateful thank you" to the Congregation, the members of the Board of Directors, residents, employees, volunteers, adding that the Director cannot do anything or engage, in part, in what will happen tomorrow, without the cooperation of every person of the Congregation. He promised to remain for a few days at the disposal of the new Director, Mr Pierre Steppe, officially presented today by Mr Mousson to the staff and all the guests, wishing that all of them be resolutely confident for the future.

By Marie-Thérèse Héliès, DHS. Published May 13th, 2019

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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