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Associate regional meetings EIW Province

On Saturday, 25th May, a number of Associates from the Welsh and Devon groups and four Sisters met in St Michael’s Church Hall, Abergavenny, for their annual regional meeting. A week later a similar meeting took place in Provincial House, Northampton, and was attended by the groups in that area together with several Sisters. Both meetings were led by Ann Wright, our Associate Directress, and Sister Maire Hayes, our Advisor for Associates in the EIW Province. The day’s programme was entitled “Who do we say that we, the Associates, are?” The presentations were relating to the Common Document, which we all received last December, to give us a bird’s eye view of its contents and how it relates to us, as Associates, and to our Book of Life.

Sister Maire ingeniously used a Russian doll to begin her presentation. The Russian doll represented the whole of the DHS Spiritual Family – those for whom the document had been written. Inside the largest doll was a second doll representing the history – where did we come from and where are we going? The third doll represented the spirituality – why did we come into being and what drives us forward? The fourth doll represented mission – basically putting Matthew 25 into practice and how this can be done. In the middle of the doll was the smallest which represented each one of us individually – where are we in the DHS Spiritual Family? Who do you say I am as an Associate?

Sister Maire then presented a potted version of “The strength of ourHistory”, followed by Ann Wright who spoke about “Who we are as Associates” (Pages 48-49) and “The strength of our Spirituality”. The third section, “The strength of our Mission” was presented by Sister Maire and concluded with some simple suggestions as to how we can help to care for our common home which could be included in the mission of any Associate.

During the meeting in Abergavenny we had a Commitment Service for Wendie Corbett from the parish in Cardigan. Sister Regina received her Commitment on behalf of the Congregation. -It was the last one for Sister Regina as she finishes her term of office as Provincial Leader at the end of June-. Wendie was presented with the Associate emblem, the Book of Life and the Common Document as she was welcomed by the Associates present. Wendie had never known the Sisters before attending the regional meeting in 2018, but has been attracted to the Associates by other Associates who also helped in her formation.

Each regional meeting was drawn to a close by saying together a prayer attributed to Archbishop Oscar Romero: “We are prophets of a future not our own” – a fitting end to the day.

Ann Marsland. Associate in Aberaeron. Posted on June 13, 2019

 Photo 1. Regional Meeting in Abergavenny.                                                   Photo 2. Regional Meeting in Provincial House, Northampton.                     Photo 3.Wendie receives Associate's Book of Life of Sister Regina.


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