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Center "Jeannette Horbaïta" in Cameroon.

This past Monday, June 10th, 2019, was a special day for the young girls of the Center "Jeannette Horbaïta"  of Maroua,  Cameroon. Because it was not only the date set for the end of the year report cards distribution and the beginning of the summer vacation, it was mainly the presentation of the training certificates to the graduates, that is to say to those finishing their course at the Center and who, with their training certificates, could start their professional working life.

The ceremony was considerable and a huge crowd attended the celebration among which, as distinguished guests, the representative of the delegate of employment and vocational training, the chief of Ziling (Ziling is an area located in the Center of Maroua's region), Sister Pauline, DHS Vice-Provincial with three other Sisters including Sister Yvonne Mapou, Center Headmistress. There were also parents, friends, students, teachers and even... curious observers.

The ceremony began with the national anthem followed by the Center Jeannette Horbaïta's anthem. In her opening remarks, the Headmistress welcomed and expressed her gratitude to all, she recalled the center's goal, which is to give a new opportunity to young girls who have not received regular schooling, by giving them vocational training.

She also encouraged the parents to be involved in their children’s training. For, until then the education of girls remained a challenge. Then, in turn, the representative of employment and vocational training assured the laureates of her support for any professional insertion needs.

Just before the distribution of the report cards and the certificates, the girls presented skits, fashion shows, traditional and classical dances and poems just for the joy of our eyes.

The rest of the day was marked by the presentation of the certificates to the 16 laureates who spent three years of training at the center. For these young girls, receiving their certificate means starting a new life full of promises. In this regard they expressed their joy and gratitude towards the DHS, who by opening this Center, gave them a chance to find the means to live in dignity and to take an active part in the economic development of their society.

As for those who are still in training, the desire to finish on a high note, just as their elders, has not stopped to abide in them all along the ceremony. The parents were happy, all the more since they all received a gift from their daughters, because each one of them had to use the knowledge she had learned during the year, to make a present of her choice and offer it to her parents on the day of the distribution of report cards and certificates.

It was very moving to see so much joy on the faces! Many laureates have in fact shed tears of joy...

Sister Bertine Bayan, DHS Communication Commission, and Mister Djongma Daikreo, Teacher at the Center "Jeannette Horbaïta". Published on June 20th, 2019.

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