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Pilgrimage and… sharing.

On May 11th, 2019, two buses full of young students (5th and 6th graders) from Noisy Le Grand, in the suburb of Paris, took the direction of Lisieux: the devotion of Saint Therese, who lived in the Carmel of this Town, makes it the second most important pilgrimage site of France after Lourdes.

It was a strong moment of openness for the youth - through the discovery of the Children-Mission area which allows to see what Christians are doing in their countries such as, this year, Central-Africa; - by boldly climbing some 100 steps to reach the Basilica dome, where they discovered various mosaics depicting scenes of the Gospel and the life of Saints, they also discovered the interior of the Basilica. - Lastly we headed towards the Carmel, the most famous site of the Town, where Saint Therese’s life has been briefly outlined to the young people, the tour ending by a short stay in the Chapel.

During the season of Advent the youth had prepared this pilgrimage, through times of reflections and by creating handicrafts which they sold to reduce the costs of the pilgrimage and to help support a project in Thailand. The fundraising was so successful that another proposal has been taken into consideration: to give the opportunity to a family of 4 children, living for the past five years in a Social Hostel, to go on a one week holiday!

They all came back with a heart filled with memories ...

Juliette Houdemont, DHS. Published June, 25th, 2019

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