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Inauguration of "Ker Anna-Lann Eol".

The inauguration of the EPHAD* building "Ker Anna-Lann Eol" took place on Friday, June 28th, 2019. After a visit of the premises for those who wished to do so, the afternoon continued afterwards by a speech given by the Association President, Mrs Laloi, of Sister Anne-Marie Le Pabic, the Provincial of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, then by Mr Gastine, Mayor of Sainte Anne d’Auray -City of Brittany, France, one of the most prestigious places of pilgrimage in France, honored by the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1996. The only place in the world where St. Anne appeared-.

The Afternoon was very sunny and marked by simultaneously poetic and historical memories. The work of Sister Anne-Marie Tromeur -Archivist of the Congregation-  and her team has given us the opportunity to travel, through a slide show, in Ker Anna's past and present history. A particular mention, during this time, for the gentle and lovely poem "Dove of Peace", written by Sister Jeannette Le Berre -Sister in charge of the community-: I invite you to read it !

We then appreciated the "freshness" and the serenity of the Chapel by attending the blessing of the new buildings led by Father Brient.

Finally, the afternoon has prolonged by a cocktail in the Home’s park, with a cocktail and music, accompanied by the dance steps of the few fans of traditional breton dancing.

The Dove (photo) was created by Sister Christiane Homberg: we can see the faces of every resident, those of the staff, administrators and also the faces of all the craftsmen and stakeholders who have contributed in the construction of this Home!

What a wonderful time of sharing this was, in this beautiful establishment Ker Anna-Lann Eol, now reassembled!

Anne-Paule BEAUCHER Human resources Manager of "Association La Fontaine "Published on July 3, 2019

*EHPAD : Accommodation Establishments for dependent Elderly Persons.

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