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"La Fontaine" association: meeting employees.

On January 1st 2019, the "La Fontaine" association became the sole employer, in France, of all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Congregation’s employees. In order to get to know each other, all the employees met at the Mother House, in Saint-Brieuc, on Friday June 21st 2019 for a day of dialog and encounters.

Sister Anne-Marie Tromeur -archivist- showed us some “landmarks” of the Mother House such as the Chapel, the archives and the park. She was accompanied by the Sisters who work with her, Marie-Bernadette Apéré and Marie-Thérèse Le Gall. We were able to learn more about the history of the Congregation and its origin. With the help of a slide show, Sister Marie-Thérèse Héliès also gave us a better understanding of the foundations and activities of the Congregation.

At the start of the day, the atmosphere was somewhat “timid” but it quickly transformed into a climate of relaxation and joviality, mainly thanks to the early afternoon workshop led by Corinne Vermillard, sophrologist, who was able to establish a welcoming dynamic. The aim of the workshop was to “beef up our resources happily and stimulate enthusiasm”: it was a real moment of relaxation, well-being and good moods that has helped to strengthen the cohesion within the group!

The day ended in Légué -a harbor that is open on the English Channel and at the mouth of the Gouët river that separates the towns of Saint Brieuc and Plerin- with a tour of the house of Mme Jouve, in her presence (see the third photograph of the album). It was a particularly emotional moment within the “cradle” of the Congregation, this house being the first to be inhabited by the founder of the Congregation, Marie Balavenne, and her first companions, in 1706.

A beautiful day of exchange in convivial spirits. The cohesion of the team of employees of the "La Fontaine" association was forged!

Anne-Paule BEAUCHER - Human Resources Officer. Association La Fontaine - FSE Congregation. Posted on Saturday July 6th, 2019.


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