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First commitments in religious life

As Daughters of the Holy Spirit and Daughters of the Church, we celebrated amongst the people of God, 26th June, 2019, Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria, the joyful response of our three sisters, Patricia, Benedicta et Christiana, to follow Jesus Christ in Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

It was indeed a day of joy and gladness. “Amidst, the negativities that we read, see and hear from the media and the challenging events of our world today, God has called these young ladies to serve Him in his people”, said Rev. Fr. Victor Nwabueze, OMV. In his homily.

He congratulated the newly professed for the privilege they have to be called Daughters of the Holy Spirit, he reassured them in the words of Christ from the Gospel (John 15: 1-8), that they will never go astray if they remain connected to the Holy Spirit.

May the Spirit of Jesus continue to send us more vocations so that we may continue to express the good news and love of Christ through our Charism.

Janet Ovayengwu Audu, FSE. Posted on July 10, 2019.

By Andrew Iyeku, Formerly PPC Chairman – St. Lawrence Catholic Church Imo Ilesa, broad echo of the celebration, particularly describing the rite of the commitment, such that of the handing over of the "Dove”: “The Vice Provincial who took their vows then decorated each one of them with the ‘Dove’ as a sign of their belonging to the Congregation.” Thank you for his story.

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