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Entrance into the novitiate.

On the 26th of July 2019, in Nigeria, we, Lilian, Paulina, Racheal, Hope, from different states, tribes, background and culture were received as the novices into the congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

We were warmly welcomed by our Vice Provincial, Sr. Anthonia Ayeni who in her welcome address expressed her joy in receiving us to become part of the D.H.S family.

In her reflection from the psalm chosen for the day (psalm 139), she said the Lord has guarded us to this day because he loves us and he wants us to work with him. We were reminded of our baptismal promises and encouraged to live them out as we begin this new journey. She entrusted us to the protection of Mary our mother and the Holy Spirit our advocate to be with us all through our formation years.

After her reflection, we introduced our symbol “THE MUSTARD SEED”. Which is known to be the smallest of all seeds but when planted becomes the biggest of all shrubs and birds of the air shelter in its branches. In this manner, we are like the mustard seed, we believe that our little faith with the help of the Holy spirit our father, we will be transformed into what God wants of us.

There can be no growth without dying to self. Different experiences have helped to water, prune and helped us to grow since we began our journey. We pray for the grace to remain docile to the action of the spirit in our lives.

After we have introduced our symbol and prayed with it, we were given the cross and the Rule of life by our vice provincial Sr. Anthonia Ayeni. With great joy we were welcomed into the D.H.S family as their Novices. We all sang the “Magnificat” and danced for joy as we proceeded to the community room for light refreshment. We can not express fully the joy we have in our deepest soul as we take this little step of faith. We thank God for making this day a reality.

We thank all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit and especially the General council and the vice provincial council of Nigeria for accepting us to this family of God.

Lilian Mbagwu, Paulina Musa, Rachael Omoloso & Hope Shado - DHS 1st year NovicesPosted on July 29, 2019.


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