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With a Joyful Heart!

I sing like Mary my Patron-Saint, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…” Yes, I would like to give thanks to the Lord God Almighty for his goodness, faithfulness and love to me all these past years.

As I celebrate my 60th birthday, the above image of the three women helps me to express the desire I carry within me as I reflect on my journey of life for these past years. For me, it portrays the essence of human life, the ability to be contented with our gifts, talents, ideas and whatever life brings our way. Though these three women are carrying the same pot, each one is carrying the pot in her own way, in her own unique perspective of life and reasoning.

As my age advances with all that I am and have been, I want to give thanks to God, my Creator. I am thankful and appreciative for every little thing God has done and given to me in life. I equally give thanks to God for all those who have been part of my life Journey, including my deceased parents. To reach this age is a special gift from God in spite of my limitations.

The image of the three women carrying the same pot also reminds me of how community life has helped me to grow as a religious in the congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. The pot which is in the centre here signifies our common goal and objective. In community, we are jointly responsible for building the “house of charity”. The spirit of collaboration, lived out in a fraternal way in community, forges our bonds of unity in diversity. It also helps us to see our differences as a tremendous gift in spite of family backgrounds, ethnic groups, countries… God loves us the way we are. The understanding of our uniqueness helps us to accept ourselves and accept others as companions on the same journey. In community, we’ve been gifted with each other so that we can live together and maintain the unity the Spirit gives us.

Each sister has her own part of the ‘community pot’ to carry, regardless of the direction she is facing or the manner of holding it. What matters is that each one makes effort to take care of this ‘pot’ judiciously for the good of all. Therefore, we are called to learn to appreciate one another because each one is precious and unique. “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as if it is for the Lord” (Col 3:23).

In conclusion, one of the famous sayings of St. John Paul II is that: “No one is so poor that he has nothing to give and no one is so rich that he has nothing to receive”. I am thankful and grateful for what I am in life today and what life has made out of me. As each woman in the picture is carrying her part of the pot joyfully, full of life, so also I feel called to radiate joy, peace, happiness… in order to witness to the Risen Christ whom I vow to follow all my life.

May the Holy Spirit keep us dynamic and daring to continue the mission of love entrusted to us today.                                     

Mary Ogbuehi,DHS. Nigeria. Posted on August 16, 2019

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