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The Joy of a brief stay ...

Saturday, August 10th, 2019, we, Elisabeth and Patience, respectively from Cameroon and Nigeria, came to France for the pilgrimage to the sources, after a time of retreat, we arrived at the Trégueux community, a small town near Saint Brieuc. There live four sisters: three Marie-Thérèse and Jeanne. We have been blessed by a warm welcome and with their wish to allow us to discover various sites in the region.

Thus, on Sunday we went to the vespers at the Timadeuc Monastery, it's a very beautiful and calm place, open to all. -On that day a lot of people came for a piano and cello concert-. A booklet allowed us to enter in the prayerful psalmody melodies of the monks. The next day, we met the sisters of three neighboring communities as well as some associates, we gather around a convivial collation and learned to get to know each other …

Tuesday, in Saint Brieuc, we had a guided tour of the "Saint Yves" Diocesan House. There we learned a lot of different things : --- the history of this place which, from seminary, became the Bishop's House but also where all the diocesan services are gathered; --- under the cloister, an imposing painting on canvas of Xavier de Langlais, a Breton painter and writer, depicting the arrival of Irish migrant monks who came to evangelize Brittany in the VIth century, at the head of the procession we can see the Monk Brieuc who is crossing the channel with his monks and a few families to land at the mouth of the Gouet, at the port of the Légué. In juxtaposition another scene representing Saint-Yves, a purse open at his feet, walking with others towards Mary, in majesty holding the Child Jesus arms wide open welcoming those who come to him: Saint Hervé, blind and guided by a tamed wolf, playing the harp; Saint Guillaume to whom we owe the construction of the Cathedral of Saint Brieuc; Saint Guénolé founded the monastery of Landévennec and Saint Tugdual carrying the cathedral of Trégier jn his hands. Saint Yves (1252-1303) was a priest and a judge in Brittany, advocate of the poor and patron Saint of all the law and justice professions, he is also the co-patron of Brittany with Saint Anne. --- The Art Deco style chapel where elements of Breton culture intertwine, like the Triskell (Celtic symbol with three branches representing Water, Earth, and Fire) offering a rich representation of evangelists and apostles… --- Then, we enter into the crypt, astonishment: a painting on canvas representing the Presentation of Mary in the Temple, the cross, the tabernacle, the seats, the stained glass… We carefully listened to our guides explanations, we got closer and we contemplated! As did the 23,000 visitors who explored this Diocesan House since it opened on September 1st, 2017!

And we will not forget our outing, both of us, towards the parish church with these simple directions: "to the right, to the left, then to the right..." But for the return !!! We walked and walked and of course, we got lost, so we turned back towards the church. The time went by… worried, as were the sisters of the community who luckily decided to come looking for us! Since then, thinking about our adventure we cannot help ourselves by laughing heartily saying "Right, Left, Right...".

We just want to share with everyone the joy of this short stay in the Trégueux community, with the wish that God blesses those who received us.

Elisabeth Maï Rouskou and Patience Effiong, DHS. Posted on August 17, 2019.

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