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Angèle: 104 years old !

Angèle Kervennic, well known under the name of Sister Marie-Claire d'Assise, was born in Saint-Pierre Quilbignon, close to Brest, in Brittany, France on August 23th 1915. So, we are all very happy to celebrate, this day, her 104 years in our retirement home at the Mother House of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Saint Brieuc, especially since she is the oldest member of the Congregation.

When questioned by the Director about her past, she is proud to talk about her bachelor's degree in French, Latin and Greek. She teaches French and Latin seamlessly, but since there are no "customers" for Greek, "fair enough, they told her, you will teach English!". English that she has not forgotten: for proof, her answer to the African Sisters during their recent visit on the occasion of the Pilgrimage to the Sources when she told them in the microphone without hesitation: "I love you."

The nurses find her a little bit tired lately and urge her to use a wheelchair to move around from now on. But we often find Angéle in the hallways, gently going to the offices she wishes to participate in, using her cane to support her, her cane that she never forgets!

We could not finish these few lines without the following poem:

"When happiness knocks at my door

I have done good deeds

I have felt, I have lived

Something good


Sing my dear heart

As soon as you can! ...

Praise be to God, source of all good!" 

Praise be to God, source of all good!"   Angèle.

Sister Marie-Madeleine AUTRET, responsible for the DHS community living in the retirement home. Published on August 24th, 2019.

Picture : Angèle with Mr STEPPE, Director of the retirement home, and sister Marie-Madeleine.


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