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School of spirituality in the Vice Province of Nigeria.

The School of spirituality -25th - 27th August, 2019- began with prayer led by Sister Cynthia and the focus was on the Icon of the Trinity. Present were the temporary professed sisters (13) and the (5) finally professed sisters who were not present during the first School of Spirituality; as well as other formators: Sr. Abiola Adigboluja and Sr. Anastasia Nnamezie. The six sisters who just arrived from the pilgrimage to the sources, in France, gave inputs on what they have received and experienced. They spoke on - the life of Marie Balavenne, Rene Allenou - Plerin, Community and Mother House, Taden, - and the Vows.

We were given presentation on the strength of our history and the strength of our spirituality. The strength of our history is all about our congregation, our beginnings and life lived by our sisters with all their difficulties and the forge of continuity and how they were led by the Spirit despite their challenging realities. The strength of our spirituality focused and emphasized more on our spirituality as Daughters of the Holy Spirit, where we got our spiritual tradition and it is imbedded in love which consist of humility, simplicity, gentleness and docility to the Holy Spirit which are concrete actions of love. In groups we shared what we integrated from the day’s inputs.

Furthermore, we received other presentations on the place of the Trinity and the Spirit in our Rule of Life. We received an input on 'wounds'…, so that we may become more integrated persons and become more empathic with one another and in our service to the poor. The insights received were shared in the larger group.

The School of spirituality ended with a creative prayer where each one brought and explained a symbol (Transparent jug full of water, water, plants, flowers, roots, a bunch of broom, a part of a cut royal palm stem, a padlock, palm kernel, dots, a pen /a heart, a bulb of onion) that most represent her experience of belonging to the Congregation. The Vice-Provincial missioned participants to keep our charism and spiritual traditions alive.

The programme was enriching and nourishing. Thanks to God and our facilitators: Sisters Cynthia Azughara, Anthonia Falope, Janet Audu and Stella Oluwafemi.

AGHAHOWA Mercy (DHS), 0YWOLE Rita Enibudeh (DHS)

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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