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Love never goes away

"If the Father calls you to love as he loves you...". This was the opening song for Monique Létoile', associated, September 18th, 2019 at Notre Dame de Clignancourt church in the 18th district of Paris.

Monique, her sister Françoise and her niece Elisabeth became associates of our spiritual Family since the merger with our Sisters of Poligny, as recalled in the word of entry of the celebration. The chosen Gospel was Mt 25.

Monique was very dynamic and was often present in our meetings before being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease which she suffered from for several years.

Four priests and a deacon celebrated the Eucharist… and the number of persons present and participating could tell a lot about the presence, the commitment, the prayer of these women recognized and appreciated in their parish: Saint Vincent de Paul’s conference, RCM (Retired Christian Movement), prayer groups, association secretary, etc …. The celebration was joyful: "Rejoice for your names are written in Heaven..." Monique had this kind of faith, she knew that God loved her and that she was also God's favourite as well as all those who surrounded her : she had lived this experience early in her life, told us the Priest during his homily. That is what led her to turn towards others. "She was a fighter, a giver, generous, we have all received something from Monique." he added.

The communities of Nanterre (city in the suburbs of Paris) and Paris were represented; were also present Sister Anne Poulmarc’h, their chaperone, and the other associates of the group.

" If your heart is in pain, if your body is unwell                Believe in Jesus, he loves you, he gives you his peace." (communion song)

Thank you for your beautiful testimony!

Sister Nicole Ponchau and Sister Anne Poulmarc’h. Published on September 19th,2019

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