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Vice-Province of Latin America: the Chapter

The Chapter took place in Lima -Peru- from the 2nd to the 14th of December, 2019 in the Saint Rose of Lima House. We spent two weeks together because we can only meet once a year due to the great distances separating our two countries: Chile and Peru. The first week, we had a retreat led by Sister Pilar Neira, from 'the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word', who also accompanied us throughout the Chapter.

Gradually, Sister Pilar helped us to open our hearts to the culture of peaceful encounter, to value our gifts, to look at all that we have positive in ourselves and in others, to encourage one another through gestures of reconciliation; to live like the Prophet of the Bible called to boldness to announce and denounce (all that we deem unfair and just at a community and Vice-Province level) and generate Hope, to live each moment as an opportunity, a gift, a time of transformation, looking toward the Vice-Province’s future.

Then, Sister Pilar invited us to enter into a dynamic of de-structuration and transformation such as the construction of a pyramidal tower where each one of us is called to say what she wishes for our Vice-Province, as far as to destroy the tower to rebuild something new on solid or symbolic ground. All this work has mobilized us to pool our efforts in order to create something new. The process of our Chapter was a space of prayer, of reflection and sharing which enabled us to deepen our sense of greater belonging to the Vice-Province and our solidarity with the whole Congregation. "Trust, It is me!"

We also had a day of Sorority gathering, on December 8th with our Associates of Huaura, Medio-Mundo, Lima and Callao… : participation in Sunday Mass, sharing of the meal followed by the reading of the letter of Sister Anne-Marie Foucher, our Superior General. We contemplated Mary's life, Mother totally surrendered to God and the Holy Spirit, her simplicity, her humility. We, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit's Family, are blessed to have her as "Advocate to the Spirit", always interceding for us and for the world.

Aware that our Sister Thérèse Viannais should have been with us and that she has been in Heaven since April, we have prayed and observed a time of silence, then we simply shared her life that she totally devoted to Latin America.

Thank you for all you prayers

Sister Pascaline Yameogo. Published December 18th, 2019

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