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Today, my daily life!

I am often asked to write something about our life experience… Today, I told myself that it would be interesting to share with you what I am living!

For the past 3 years, I hold an Inspector position within the Ministry of the Armed Forces which leads me to travel throughout the World and I have set foot on every continent.

I have seen beautiful things, like the waters of the Pacific ocean, going from blue to emerald green, the Mururoa Atoll where life overcame the Atomic tests. I flew in a helicopter over New Caledonia and its green pastures. I also flew in a helicopter over the Indien Ocean between Reunion and Mayotte, there I admired a whale swimming with her baby.

I discovered countries in Africa where poverty meets great wealth. In Ivory Coast, I saw half-naked children playing on the edge of the road where big 4/4s drive very fast at the risk of injuring them or even killing them! I saw out-of-school girls living in the Amazon rainforest, a naturally hostile environment, in the midst of violent adults.

In a team of 5 or 6 people, I am the only woman, I do not wear a uniform and I adapt myself to different time zones, climates, places and culture. During the first semester, in 2019, I did notsleep three nights ina row in my bed including the weekends.

This is the picture of my daily life, of my professional life, this is why I do not have enough time… It is also through all of this that I am living my vows of consecrated laywomen! The topics that deeply concern me, such as poverty affecting children or families, the beauty of nature or the mutual aid between the military and the local population come to nourish my prayers. These times of prayer, sometimes when travelling by plane or helicopter, headphones on, that I can live them. And when tiredness is too heavy to the point, where I myself am in deprivation, I keep preciously in my heart those things and I pray the rosary on my ten fingers.

Giovanna, Consecrated laywomen Posted on January 7, 2020


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