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Moments that make you feel good

Saturday, December 28thEffervescence at the Elven community: Our Sister Renée Jéhanno is celebrating her 90th birthday! As everything was organized without her knowledge in the deepest secrecy, on this day, she goes from surprise to surprise!

It is the family who, in the great hall of the community, prepared with care and love, a meal as simple as it was warm, shared with eleven Sisters of the house. As the aperitif was served, a biniou (Brittany traditional bagpipe) and drum sounds coming from the outside made its way in: two young people from the Elven Bagad, family friends, offer us a magnificent concert! And the dance is on: it's time to party … then so many stories to tell, memories evoked such as the beautiful summer camps spent with "Aunt Renée!". When came the time for presents, a new surprise for Renée, astonishment: a photo board! ...

Moments that make you feel good and warm hearts. "Happy Birthday Renée: keep your beautiful softness and humour !"

Elven: municipality of the Morbihan county in the Brittany area of France. A Bagad: Musical group which is like an Orchestra, which often plays airs from the traditional Breton repertoire

Elven Community. Published January, 8th, 2020.

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