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Vice-Province of Cameroon: the Chapter

"Be of good cheer ! It is I..." It is with comforting words that the Chapter of the Vice Province of Cameroon was held from December 26th to 31st, 2019, facilitated by Sister Martin-Thérèse Nueme, Daughter of Mary of Yaoundé.

It was therefore in the joy of the Nativity and under the Holy Spirit’s guidance as well as with a prayer facilitated by the Vice Province Council that the Chapter began. This prayer invited each delegate (which has a voice in a Chapter) to open her heart to the confidence of God who tells her: " Be of good cheer, it is I, do not be afraid..." (Mark 6:50). This time of filial and sorority communion was enhanced by the presentation of the various symbols brought by the communities: - two outstretched hands, - hands in hands, - a sitting mother with her child, - joined hands and a Dove, - a hand carrying a child who rests with confidence, - a visually impaired man guided by a child, - a child and his mother, - a hen and her chicks, - a bible and the rule of life. All expressed confidence in God through the action of the Holy Spirit.

After the prayer, the delegate and the facilitating Sister went in the room where the Chapter began in a solemn manner with the words of the Vice Provincial and president of the Chapter Sister Pauline Maisenso. Sister Pauline reminded us of the words of the Gospel of Mark 6:50, which will lead the general Chapter. She thus urged us to listen to the voice of the Spirit and to live this important event in a spirit of faith, trust, charity and contemplation. Then she read us the letter of the Superior General stating to us her fraternal communion and that of the councilors. And before giving the floor to the facilitators, Sister Pauline called the 28 delegates, signifying their effective presence at this assembly. In order to better understand the progress of the Chapter a presentation was made to us to clarify certain specific points. At the end of this first morning, the Eucharist was celebrated by Mgr Bruno Ateba Bishop of the Maroua-Mokolo Diocese.

Throughout the Chapter four themes were debated: Sorority life, mission, youth ministry, property management. The work was carried out in three ways: in plenary, in workshops and through personal reflection. The vote of the five delegates for the General Chapter and the three substitutes took place on the afternoon of December 30th. The atmosphere of the Chapter was peaceful and the Sisters were delighted to be together.

The Vice Provincial Chapter ended with a Thanksgiving Mass during which we were sent by the Vice Provincial with the following words: "Take courage ! It is I... " …. go on and live this conviction in your different places of mission."

Sister Christine Djidja and Bertine Bayang. Published January 11th, 2020.

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