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Our practicum experience

In the continuity of the christmas joy and the New Year celebration, we, Odette, Denise and Ida, from Cameroon, second-year novices, wish to share with you, our practicum experience.

Indeed, from October to December 2019, we have undergone a practicum time in the communities of Maroua, Djarengol -Odette-, of Doukoula -Denise- and of Touroua -Ida-. Although being in different locations, certain characteristics have commonly marked us: fraternity, collaboration, in community, with the apostolic team and the worshippers. We have also noticed, in each of the localities, the hospitality and the simplicity of the teachers, nurses and of the population as well as their mutual confidence.

In community, we have better understood that the "Mission is common" because, during meals we share the joys and the sorrows encountered in mission. Prayer is also of significant importance in community life, since the source of all life, of all missions, is Christ.

In the different places of practicum and especially in the hospital, we have been touched by the suffering of pregnant women as well as that of the sick for whom we could not do anything to relieve their pain, except to implore the goodness of the Lord. This leads us to say that "Worshipping and serving, meld into one!"

The practicum time was for us an opportunity to put into practice, despite our limitations the courses received during the canonical year. We were in contact with the poor "with their many faces" who have evangelized us with their affection : the single mothers welcomed at the 'Jeannette Horbaïta center' who are trying to get out and girls who have not had the chance to go to school, ill people affected by all kinds of diseases, people living alone in neighborhoods and patients in health centers whose needs do not only concern their health...

Since the beginning of this 2020 new year, we have joined our beautiful brand new novitiate house in Marza, in N'Gaoundéré, Odette, first year novice and two postulants who are awaiting for their papers to be up-to-date to join those who are in Burkina faso.

From these experiences of apostolic life, we feel a deep joy which encourages us to pursue our training course with the aim of becoming Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the footsteps of Marie Balavenne, simple, humble, daring women, prayerful women who served the Lord present in the poor, the sick and the children.

A big thanks to the practitioners, the host communities! A big thanks for the Congregation! God bless you all!

The novices : Odette, Denise and Ida. Published January 18th, 2020.

In picture. The 3 novices of 2nd year with Odette, novice of 1st year.


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