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Meeting, mingling, talking to each other

On this January 4th, 2020, we have lived a moment of fraternity which builds up a desire for more!

This is what created this joyful initiative of two communities, that of No. 22 on the street des capucins and that of No. the 46 rue Notre Dame in Saint Brieuc, by inviting us, Associates, consecrated laywomen from the geographic area for the "Galette des rois" ("the kings cake"). We were 25 people gathered in one of the rooms of the Provincial House, which also gave us the opportunity to offer our best wishes to the Sisters of the Council, particularly to Sister Anne-Marie Le Pabic, Provincial of "France-Belgium-Holland", who stayed a moment with us. Thus, from the little "Charity House" of the Origins (1706) and locally so close of the Légué Port of Saint Brieuc, we were  "Family!"

The room was beautifully welcoming: a pretty central bouquet, a pastel yellow tablecloth and matching blue and orange colored napkins. The heart was there! And we enjoyed being together, talking, listening to each other... After enjoying the 5 galettes (cakes) made by Sister Lucie, Marie-THérèse and Germaine, we sang! It was simple and good.

Let us remember the 'Parable of the 3 trees' that our News magazine n°22 offered us under Sister Ann Almodovar's pen! I quote: "I love my branches and how I wish for them to meet! Did they know that they are part of the same family, that they share the same roots? I want my branches to talk, to meet, to mingle with each other, intertwine with each other..."

This day is on the way... Safe journey to this fraternity!

Marie-Reine Morvan, Associate. Published January 24nd, 2020 

The "Galette des rois" is a traditional cake eaten each year on January 6th in France and various countries like Quebec, Acadia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, New Orleans (USA) and Lebanon associated with the festival of Epiphany, a Christian event which celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the infant Jesus. The cake comes in many different varieties depending on the country, they are filled with one of several fillings and have a small figurine, called a Fève, hidden inside. The person who gets the piece of cake with the Fève has the privilege to become the king or queen of the day to wear a crown and choose his queen or king.

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