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Consecrated life feast day 2020

Tradition that this Feast of February 2 each year an invitation to taste, in a new way, with sisters and brothers, the joy of being “chosen and established, to bear fruit, a fruit that endures“ Jn 15.

Six small rekindled flames, the same light! In this great country of Morlaix, Saint. Pol of Léon and Landivisiau. Six communities of consecrated persons have chosen to meet each year to make this feast a time of sharing, prayer and conviviality. A time which strengthens all of us in fraternal solidarity. The Carmelite sisters and the Augustinian sisters of Morlaix, Josephinas sisters (Brazilian origin) living in St. Thégonnec, Priests of St. Jacques of Guiclan (missionaries of Haiti, Brazil and France), Daughters of the Holy Spirit present in Roscoff and l'Ile Blanche, with the participation of our chaplain Père Lommig Gonidou because the appointment was in our house this year.

Following the extraordinary month of the mission lived last October throughout the church, we shared from the question, What are our ways of living the mission- 'of BEING MISSION' according to the expression of Pope Francis- has it been renewed?" Intense moment of sharing in small groups, taken up again in prayer of thanksgiving brought during the celebration. The highlight that allowed us to repeat our YES to the path of consecration undertaken in our different institutes. “Here we are before you, ô our father, gathered before you under your name... servants, in every place, of your greatest glory.”

Gathered at the end of the sharing, “bouquet of thanksgiving” we heard: - “Blessed are you Lord for our communion in consecrated life lived on our various paths... for the new missionary impulse that you have engendered in our communities.... for the personal boundaries that you invite us to cross."  - "Lord, whatever initiatives aroused by the month of missionary, it was an opportunity to deepen and refine the awareness of what is the mission of Christians in the Church, we give you thanks."

It was a fraternal time of conviviality experienced by the participants that the exchange continued...

Like the disciples of Emmaus, our hearts were full of joy on the way back”..." wrote one participant the day after the celebration. The next year 2021 appointment is already fixed for Augustinians sisters community, Morlaix.

The community ‘Ile Blanche’. Posted on February 4, 2020

1.Time of the welcome:  Being, welcoming, discovering the house

2. The group of Emiola:  A moment of intense sharing.

3. Helena’s group:  Serious listening but how deep

4. A sister of Roscoff rekindles the flame: Six small rekindled flames, the same light.

5. Fraternity chain in the chapel: Servants everywhere... bound by brotherhood.

6. The six lighted candles: Knowing how to see.... and welcoming the grace... recommends Pope Francis to us on February 2, 2020.

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