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20 years already! And again, to walk...

This February 9th, 2020, we wanted to meet for a weekend, at Ile Blanche, a welcome house located on the borders of Côtes d'Armor and Finistère, in Brittany, France. On Saturday 8t, the Gospel, of St Mark 6, 61, invited us to hear Jesus say to his friends, with this very fraternal closeness and being attentive to their lives: "Come aside and rest a little!" The disciples came to tell him the facts of their lives, their disappointments and their enthusiasm! This is how we came, too, after 20 years of commitment to the DHS Family… to “re-lay” our lives, to set off again after the One whom we wanted to put at the centre, to choose again to walk together "in his presence, in Love".

After a path that chiselled our impulses, dulled our choices and which, at the same time, purified them in the wind and "unpredictable" storms, and thereby made them more real perhaps... this pause of a weekend will be a “step”! Thanksgiving days! Because we were joined by: Sr Marie-Thérèse Grall who was at the origin of the launch of the Associates in France, Sr Roselyne Coat who competently and fraternally accompanied our formation and Sister Jeanne Le Roux who received our commitments on February 6, 2000 in the church of 'Légué -A Source Place-, during a Eucharist celebrated by P. Michel Heurtel; Father Michel Heurtel who, in 2002, also made his commitment as an Associate in the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Spiritual Family whom he loved so much!

Saturday afternoon, after a nice sharing from a rereading questionnaire offered by Sister Jeanne, the flame of our "beginnings" was fanned: "A man with a heart of fire invites us to follow him"! And it was on Sunday morning after Mass that we together renewed our commitment as associates to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. Here it is said, it is done, but it is not anything we assure you because everything remains to be done, personally and in the team. However, we are happy! I quote: "I am a Christian, yes, my commitment as an associate, colours everything, helps me to live what I am"; "The charism is lived where we are, welcoming all, with whatever comes up, freely, starting with respect..."

Thank you to Father Lomig, from Ile Blanche, who wanted to live this time with us; thank you to the associate friends who heard of this time, that we had yet wanted discreet and simple. The messages we received touched us a lot, in particular that of Marie-Thérèse Dureau, who is totally part of our group, even if she can no longer join us physically: at each meeting, she makes herself present and more specifically for this anniversary when she wrote, on the back of the sheet sent to her by Geneviève, her union and her joy at being an associate for 20 years! A very special thank you also to Florence, associate for just 2 years, who is part of our group, who came to this day from Plérin with her husband Jean-Pierre, to spend time with us: a beautiful gift, when we know that the mother of Jean-Pierre had died the day before!

Happily we said DHS Family prayer, which we love and reaffirmed our Faith in the SPIRIT of Jesus, "who is always at work in our world to make us authentic witnesses of a God of justice and tenderness." (Bk of L, p.8).

The Word of God challenges us: "Do not hide from your fellow man" (Isaiah 58). So let us go! “Your Word Lord awakens us, on your steps we want to set out again; may your Breath carry us today "." Like You, to offer the bread of your presence to people who are hungry to be loved, to be signs of hope for them, in the midst of our world ..."

Marie-Reine Morvan, Geneviève Dumur, and Marie-Mdeleine Raymond, Associates. Published on February 22, 2020


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