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It is the heart that gives and not the hand!

When the hand offers a gift with generosity, a present, a sum of money… it is the heart that gives. No matter the size of the gift, it really comes from the heart, because the hand is an extension of the heart, and "when the heart is not there, the hands are not skilful!", says a Chinese proverb.

Dear donor friends, we thank you for all your gifts, gestures of attention, respect, kindness, made in order to relieve the poorest, the most affected. You have given much hope to those who live in difficult circumstances. Some children, youth and adults have seen their living conditions improve thanks to the funding of development projects. We thank you on their part.

We continue to count on your support to fund the works that are presented for 2020. The three African countries in which we are present, are confronted by violence, insecurity, precarity, geopolitical instability…

The projects which you support will support open pathways to peace and fraternity.

Your gestures of sharing, although small, give and re-give the courage needed to continue to build international solidarity.

Sr. Agnes OBEMBE. February 23, 2020 

Practical instructions

If you want to make a donation for the projects proposed in this Bulletin or to continue to support one of the numerous projects in Africa -Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Nigeria- and in Latin America, here are some practical instructions:

The Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit is authorized to deliver tax receipts. It is also able to benefit from corporate sponsorship.

Make your cheques payable to Solidarité Projets FSE”.

Specify the project which you are supporting and if you wish to receive a tax receipt.

Address the letter to: Congrégation des Filles du Saint-Esprit - Solidarité Projets - 15 boulevard Sébastopol - BP 50148 - 35101 RENNES Cedex 3. 

For further information or clarification, you may contact:   Sister Anne Donnelly - Tel. 02 99 67 21 48                     E-mail : economat.fse@cfse.net

It can happen that certain projects receive more donations than they requested.In this case, we would like to be able to attribute the surplus to another project, unless it receives contrary indications from you.





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