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A visit…

Hello, dear Sisters. Do you recognize us? We are Germaine, Isabel, Isabelle and Kenia who wanted to visit you in your homes from our far away land of Santiago, Chile.

The truth is that we come to recognize once again that God is the One who programs everything in his own way. One of us was getting ready to go on vacation, another was preparing to rest and recharge at home with her family and friends in France, the other one was going to our most important meeting, the General Chapter, and everything was ready to go.

Like you, we are enclosed in our houses, and seeing corners we had not noticed in a long time. We leave the house only when it is necessary, living a very different kind of Lent, nourishing ourselves from the Eucharist on television or internet, following strict hygiene guidelines, protecting ourselves in order to protect our neighbors.

Because of advanced technology we had forgotten about the home telephone, that is ringing once again and is getting more use than it did before; it is always delightful to hear a voice saying 'I am calling you simply to know how you are'. It seems that the indifference of separation is starting to pass and is giving way to more humanness, in which the other is valued and for whom I am concerned.

Such times generate creativity, and our imaginations flourish and invite us to a greater simplicity and to bring forth values that we had kept hidden in our busy everyday lives.

How often have we thought about the Sisters who preceded us, those who for some reason or other held on to God more adamantly, listening attentively to the whispers of the Spirit who showed them the way.

This short visit to your communities was simply to tell you we love you, that we hope you are in good health. We are united in prayer and we hope that soon we will be able to send some of our Sisters to give you the hug we wish we could give you today.

Community of Conchali. Santiago - CHILE. Published on April 9, 2020



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