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Our doctor and dad FOBA Robert

Testifying about the life of Doctor FOBA Robert as an Associate of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit is not easy. From the outset, I can state that our Doctor FOBA has lived among us as a man discreet, humble, peaceful, attentive, very respectful and very faithful to his commitment to the group of Associates in Cameroon since December 17, 2005.

Doctor FOBA was one of the pioneers, the linchpin of the Maroua group. He did his utmost to make his commitment as an associate visible through his regularity in the group's monthly meetings, his concern to be always available to render service and his attention to the underprivileged. Through his advice and example, he made everyone aware of the importance of taking the group's meetings to heart. His active participation in the various office meetings during our preparations for the general assemblies -despite his work with the sick in his clinic- gave us new life and encouraged us to always do more. He was quick to make himself available to serve his brothers and, at the same time, he became the driver for some of the Associates who lived far away or who were sick: we sometimes saw him going from district to district delivering mail to the Associates -Letters of December 8 and Pentecost...-. He took part in the various feasts of the Congregation and in the vows of the Sisters.

We will really miss our doctor who died on April 21, 2020 in Maroua: we have already felt his absence among us during the 20 months of his illness, during our last Congregation feasts and when one or the other was ill. A Daughter of the Holy Spirit wrote: "Thank you Dr. FOBA for all that you have done for us, for the sick, the little ones… Thank you for what you have been for us. We will miss your attention, your tenderness and your availability. We know that a great man never dies! Go, go in peace to the One you loved so much and who loved you so much."

Doctor was a great help, wisdom, support and counselor to me during the six years I lived in the Associates’ office. We worked closely together from 2011 until 2018 (the beginning of his illness) and this in a spirit of mutual consultation that was constantly renewed. Through his sense of humour, he relaxed the atmosphere when certain aspects seemed heavier and discouraging. He was twice delegate of the Associates from Cameroon to the General Chapter.

"Go in peace, our doctor FOBA, enter into the joy of your Lord. We will never forget you... Farewell, our doctor and daddy FOBA Pagou Robert. Pray for us."

Sister Catherine Mamma, Daughter of the Holy Spirit. Published on May 5, 2020

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