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A new resident

A new resident has settled on the window sill of the "plane tree" corridor at the retirement home of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, in Saint-Brieuc, France. She is... a pigeon!

Her bed, made of branches from the inner courtyard, is crude but very solid! Separated from us just by a glass pane, she watches us with her round eye, her neck stretched out, catching the slightest movement, ready to defend her nest... while, very gently so as not to frighten her, we like to get close to her! "She's cute", said one resident; another: "Let's not open the window any more so as not to disturb her"; and again: "With her, we await the arrival of the little ones..."

Living in harmony with nature, protecting the environment, preserving creation: these are not the hobbies of a few exotic people. It is part of our faith in God who has entrusted us with his creation to "keep and cultivate it". May an "ecological conversion" permeate our daily attentions and relationships!

Excerpt from Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato si'": "For the believer, the world is not contemplated from the outside but from the inside, recognizing the bonds by which the Father has united us to all beings." (220)

Véronique Dikoma, assistant to the community manager Email popupand residents. Published on July 8, 202

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