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An assembly like no other

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 July, the Vice-Province of Burkina Faso held its end-of-year assembly in the community of Diébougou-Bagane. It was a weekend filled with fraternity, exchange and emotion. All the Sisters were present except Sr. Valentina Iyishu who was blocked in Lomé because of the pandemic. Also present were the novices Odette Maïblamé, Mbafi Denise, Méda Ida whose course was extended because of the closure of the borders.

These three days were marked by a community evaluation and a re-reading of our various commitments. The high point of this assembly was the rite of handing over. The outgoing Council. Sister Kiendrébéogo Olga, Vice-Provincial, together with Kam Nathalie and Matchou Julienne asked forgiveness for her failings during her term of office through the rite of hand washing. Each of the new team, Roamba Sylvie -new Vice-Provincial-, Noufé Lydie and Somda Rolande, received a lighted candle, sign of the light of Christ, to enlighten the discernments. They donned an apron, symbol of service.

Confidence, courage to the new council! May the Spirit accompany them!

Sister Amélie Zougmoré. Published on July 28, 2020

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