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Exceptional Experience

We arrived at the postulancy -the first stage of two years of discernment towards religious life- in two groups: on 19 September, the second year Nigerian and the first year Burkinabés came from their village, their luggage tied up on bicycles; they crossed the river with the help of a pirogue because of the roads that were not passable in the rainy season, but they were happy in this adventure. Two months later, in November, the second group of postulants. In total, we were ten, eight Nigerian and two Burkinabes.

At the beginning, communication between us was practically impossible, as the Nigerian women did not understand French and the Burkinabés did not speak English! Fortunately, our training manager translated everything in detail. Nevertheless, in this experience, we were inhabited by questions and fears: how to form a community with the barriers of language, culture, origin, education...

Little by little, we learned to open our hearts to welcome and live each day as it presents itself thanks to the very rich, profound formation, the sessions, courses, recollections, personal accompaniment, community and personal prayer... As time went by, the course "Art of living together" made us understand that it is difference and diversity that make community life beautiful.

This formation has opened our minds to all aspects of life. We laughed a lot with each other: at the beginning some of us were very afraid of rabbits, others learned how to look after chickens, and others learned to ride bicycles and motorcycles. We learned how to make shea butter, how to make "dolo" (millet beer, a local drink), soumbala (an ingredient for sauce).

Finally, with the corona virus pandemic, we continued our training, relaxing to clear our minds, while keeping our activities going: animating Mass, saying the rosary on the diocesan radio, an opportunity to have others pray and to share our faith.

We say a big thank you to the Holy Spirit for his presence at our side. Thank you to the Congregation, to the sisters of the Vice-Province of Burkina Faso and to all those who participated in our formation.

The postulants of the second and first year: Cynthia Alafuonye, Pascaline Somda, Mary Peter, Lydia Umagba, Martha Francis, Feranmi Aluko, Elizabeth Adeyemi, Elizabeth Adekunle, Lucie Aurelius, Eugénie FargaPublished on July 29, 2020

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