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"Yes", to follow Christ

Denise, Odette -from Cameroon- and Ida -from Burkina Faso-, after 4 years of journeying with the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, have said "Yes" to follow Christ. Saturday 12th December 2020, in Maroua, was therefore a moment of intense joy for all: for the young professed sisters themselves, the sisters, their parents and friends. 

It was in an assembly composed of eight priests, sisters from the Vice-Province of Cameron, their relatives and friends that Denise, Odette and Ida pronounced their vows to follow Jesus Christ in chastity, poverty and obedience in the Congregation and according to the Rule of Life of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. In order to express their joy in welcoming and supporting them, a good number of the DHS of the Vice-Province were present at this ceremony presided over by Bishop Gilbert. Each of the parents, happy to accompany their daughter for this first step in the Congregation, blessed her before entrusting her to the Vice-Provincial, Sister Angèle SILIKAM. Each one, through symbols, tried to express her desires: Odette and Ida both chose a calabash signifying, by its multiple uses in daily life, simplicity as well as fragility, because a small blow can break it into several pieces! Denise, for her part, chose a cord, symbol of gathering, fraternity and bond.

These three new young sisters, radiant with joy for having answered a call, did not contain their joy when they sang the "Magnificat" to which they danced under the amazed gaze of one another.

The celebration ended with sending on mission: Ida will join her Vice-Province of Burkina Faso, Denise, a native of Koza, goes to Touroua and Odette, a native of Touroua, goes to Koza.

A fraternal meal concluded this day with a special new breath!

Bertine BAYANG, DHS. Published on 26 December 2020

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