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Christmas in Huaura

Christmas in Huaura, one of the nine provinces in the Lima region of Peru, was celebrated simply because of the pandemic situation that forced us to stay home. This did not prevent us from living in solidarity, thanks to the collection of hampers (bread, cakes, biscuits, yoghurts, toys, clothes, etc.) donated by people of good will, and the manufacture of woolen toys distributed to children and members of vulnerable families.

Christmas in Chaska where the community education centre that Bernadette supports is located. It is a joy to participate in a party with the children accompanied by their mothers. It was a moment of meeting, fraternity and sharing as a family.

Christmas at the "Faith and Light" community. Unable to meet every month because of the pandemic, the community did it virtually by Whatsapp. It was decided to visit each family in their home with a Christmas message and a hamper. Helene and her companions took part... It was a moment of surprise and great happiness.

In all these visits, through listening and accompaniment, Jesus is born in our daily life.

May this year 2021 be much better than 2020! New year, new life!

The community of Huaura: Hélène, Bernadette, Françoise and Lydie Pascaline. Published on 8 January 2021

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