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Winter 2021

February. While spring had begun its work of awakening, preceding the month of March, overnight, a thick blanket of snow had exceptionally covered the whole of Brittany - France.

The birds, which were already singing at dawn, also found themselves confined: no more concerts that morning! Very impressive silence and immobility… that had to break little by little the daily activities. In the streets was poured salt but also, to my astonishment, sawdust or sand which at the same time protect passers-by from the danger of unfortunate slips and nature from root burns. Lawns, gardens and fields received a natural and ecological fertilizer, since with the flakes, falling gently on the ground and rich in nitrogen, the leaves of the plants decompose more quickly, the soil becomes more fertile and the "pests" (sowbugs, slugs ...) are gently removed. Our outings today? wonder: distances seem to be abolished and space… infinite.

Just then, developing a community project, we sang:
"Like under the snow, eve of springtime,
In the winter of the world, renewal germinates.
Come and acknowledge the signs of the times:
On our dead lands, the Spirit blows,
the Spirit of the Risen Jesus,
our lives for the world to come..."
(from J. Gélineau - Office of Reading)

Thus, like snow for the ground in winter, in all seasons and especially in this time of pandemic, let us not cease to offer gestures of loving attention and benevolence to all creation in favour of its ecological and human protection. Let us allow ourselves to be enriched by the Word and, with the breath of the Spirit, let us cultivate hope!

Photos by Jean-Michel Poullain, from the parish of Notre-Dame de la Baie, near Saint-Brieuc, graciously offered from the amazement of one of them; all these photos are those of the snow that fell in the silence of the curfew on Tuesday, February 9th, creating our great astonishment the next morning. It was then that Jean-Michel -known as "Secours Catholique"- is out to capture the intense light of the gradually sunny snow. Warm thanks for the "gift" of his shots.

Marie-Thérèse Héliès. DHS. Community of Trégueux, Parish N.D. de la Baie. Published on 8 March 2021.

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