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Opening the year 2021 under the sign of HOPE, we hoped that the shutters of our closed windows could open soon, at least to greet the spring! And now "HOPE" has become for us "be GUARDIANS‘’: watchers of this day when life will finally be reborn in our GUEST HOUSE AND SPIRITUAL CENTER OF ILE-BLANCHE *

Already the magnolia in bloom comes to tell us again "Don't get tired of hoping..."! Strong is the sap that, once again, has been able to withstand this long winter of waiting, of uncertainty. As a "guest House and spiritual Centre"we keep canceling and, if possible, rescheduling! The four General and International Chapters of congregations planned for 2021 have kept changing dates, conditioned by the reopening of borders... Courage full of hope for these leaders of congregations obliged to extend their "mandate"! A number of courses and sessions have also had to "watch out for" for other possible dates: most of them are, to date, scheduled after the summer of 2021. We have had to see and review, sometimes, two or three times the schedule on our brochure, our concern being to move, reschedule... rather than cancel. At this point, how can we not address a warm thank you to the various contributors whose cordial availability has been so helpful! Yes, they have helped us to keep hoping...

The community remains present, faithful "guardian of the place"; the presence of our chaplain brings us the daily celebration of the Eucharist where some people from the parish also come to participate. It is a great moment of the day, a great support for all of us. As for the members of the staff, who have been out of work for more than four months, they remain present through short visits and express how anxious they are to get back to work at "the Centre"!

A great surprise of these months: the numerous "passages" to the community, of people in search of listening, conviviality, "open table", "coffee break", etc... are working well, beyond what we had foreseen -another way of living our "mission of welcome"-.

Also, at this time, how can we not make our own the words of Father Michel Scouarnec chosen for our greeting card:
"Hope comes from who knows where,
It goes further than us...
Fragile, so fragile...
It sows our paths,
It nourishes our after tomorrow... "

You can consult Ile Blanche website: http://ile-blanche-locquirec.fr Lien externe, for the new program of retreats and various meetings.

Our Guest House and Spiritual Centre is located on the borders of Côtes d´Armor and Finistère, in an enchanting setting of sea and greenery, space and silence.

Ile-Blanche community: Sisters Emiola, Valentine, Marie-Bruno, Monique, Thérèse, Helena, DHS. Published on 13 March 2021.


Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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