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Strong experience!

"Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me" Matthew 10:40
“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25, 35.

Our community "Daughters of the Holy Spirit" of the Foyer Marie Balavenne, in Burkina Faso, has just lived a very strong experience linked to our charism.

It is the story of a young, desperate, pregnant woman who came to us looking for work. Given her condition, we took her in. We thought she would only stay with us for a few days, but circumstances made her stay longer... Then she gave birth. With a baby and no husband, no parents here? The husband is said to have died in a landslide at one of the many traditional gold-mining sites in our country. We therefore collaborated with the authorities on the spot so that they could help us find solutions for his repatriation. As we did not get any convincing answers, we approached the Thalita Kum association, which very quickly undertook to help us with her repatriation by finding her a small job through the Sisters of another female Congregation living in another country but who are used to welcoming and helping with the reintegration of girls who are victims of pimping or other abuses. After six months of accompaniment, our protégée and her child will be reintegrated into their family of origin.

This experience will remain for us a strong message: with the audacity of having hosted and taken care of a foreigner and her child, with all the administrative steps -their limits too- undertaken to better know her history, we feel a joy of having been able to live concretely the article of our Rule of Life which invites us to be sensitive to the needs of the poorest.

This experience encourages us to transmit to the young girls of our country what we have been taught in this event: thirsting for an easy life, they allow themselv The woman we helped regrets having fallen naively into the hands of pimps sexual slavery... . The woman we helped regrets having fallen naively into the hands of pimps. Her Burkinabè goldsmith husband loved her but did not have the opportunity to present her to his family for 'marriage'!

Sister Lydie, for her Community of the Foyer "Marie Balaivienne" in Burkina Faso. Published on 17 July 2021

1st photo. The young mother is the one in the middle of the photo: she puts her hand on the shoulder of her child, whom she has called "Good Luck" - the one who will give her luck, the one who will open the door to happiness. 
2nd photo. The girl, her baby and the brother representing Thalita Kum from Burkina Faso.


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