• "Dignity in the cemetery”

    The symbol of all: a composition of the flower of dignity... An ephemeral flower, like a mandala* for the spirit of the deceased, like a resonance that reminds us that every individual has the right to life but also to death with the greatest respect.

  • Our Lady of the Homeless and of All People

    chapel, a reminder of Father Wrezinski's meeting of 1957 with families living in extreme poverty,..

  • Strong experience!

    ur community "Daughters of the Holy Spirit" of the Foyer Marie Balavenne, in Burkina Faso, has just lived a very strong experience linked to our charism.

  • Winter 2021

    In the winter of the world, renewal germinates.

  • Loving care

    An "ecological conversion" which will impregnate our relations with the environment and with others.


  • The joy of meeting again... at last!

    The General Chapter was truly right to invite us to become the more "sisters among ourselves", to draw closer, to listen to each other, to communicate..."

  • The Lord's work in my life

    It was a special day on 23rd November 2021, the work of the Lord in my life, when the Vice-Province of Nigeria held a ceremony of my first religious profession

  • With all my heart, give thanks

    In presenting to God, today, the fruits of 20 and 25 years of the life of the jubilee sisters, we present to Him at the same time the long life of Sister Helene...

 Famille FSE 

 In memory of... 

  • Marie-Josèphe QUEMENEUR

    Sister's name: Sister Renée Emmanuel --- Date and place of funeral: on Monday 29 November 2021, at 14h30, in Sainte-Anne d'Auray, followed by burial in the cemetery of Saint-Anne d'Auray.


  • Happy because of you!

    "Life is good when you are happy; but much better when others are happy because of you."


    Since 2008, the community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Koudougou has been established in Issouka in a modest neighbourhood...


    The Marie Balavenne Health Centre in Makabaye is a health centre created by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit...


    Today, the Covid-19 is shaking up the world, causing the unemployment rate of young people and women to rise...

  • Other projects...

    BUT ALSO… Life continues for all the projects which have seen the light of day in the past few years and are always in need in order to grow and to evolve.

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