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Jubilarians sing from the heart...

"If the Father calls you to love as He loves you, in the fire of His Spirit,
If the world calls you to give it hope, to tell it of its salvation,
If the Church calls you to labour for the Kingdom in the harvest,  
Blessed are you!

If the Father calls you to leave all wealth, to follow only his Son,
If the world calls you to fight against hatred, for the pursuit of peace,
If the Church calls you to stand in prayer in the service of sinners,
Blessed are you!

Rejoice, for your names are written in heaven forever!”

This is what we sang from the heart on Sunday 10th October in the chapel of the Mother House in Saint-Brieuc, France, at the beginning of the celebration of the jubilees of our three sisters of the Retirement Home: Sister Raymone Bourt and Sister Marie-Catherine Fouquet, 70 years old, and Sister Marie-Agnès Demoy, 60 years old.

Comment from a sister: "A happy memory of our commitment, the hope of the Meeting, togetherness remaining present day by day!”

 After the celebration, the three sisters met with other residents - 43 people - around Sister Nicole Ponchau, the new provincial councillor, Sister Marie-Madeleine Autret, responsible for the Retreat House Community, and Sister Paulette Perrier, her assistant, for a festive meal, supported by songs. This brightened up the day.
It was a celebration at the Mother House!
Long live our jubilarians!

Véronique Dikoma, assistant to the community coordinator of the Retirement Home. Published on 13 October 2021.

Photos: - 1) Inside the chapel: the 3 jubilarians. From left to right: Raymonde Bourt, Marie-Catherine Fouquet, Marie-Agnès Demoy - 2) Raymonde - 3) Marie-Catherine - 4) Marie-Agnès - 5) the table of jubilarians - 6) Outside view of the chapel of the Mother House in Saint-Brieuc.



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