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Cameroon. Annual Assembly

Daughters of the Holy Spirit, "Bound to those whom God has given us as companions"  "Rooted in the contemplation of the Trinitarian Mercy ". These lines from the 2nd orientation of the Acts of the General Chapter 2021, were the object of our reflections during our Annual Assembly, in Maroua, CAMEROON -from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st October 2021-. Aspects developed: the "Fraternity", by Bishop Gilbert DAMBAWANA, Vicar General of the Diocese of Maroua-Mokolo, and the "vow of poverty", by the team of On-going formation of the Vice-Province.

Fraternity lived in community and in congregation, according to Father Gilbert, favours mutual listening, dialogue, sharing and attention to the other. It uses the personal pronoun "We" which includes all other personal pronouns. It is a communal 'we'. It has re-energised us in the desire for community life and in our belonging to Christ in the Congregational Body. The fraternity re-orients our gaze on this changing world, a gaze that sees and understands life in all its states. This view sums up man's faith in God who keeps hope and transmits it to the world that is going wrong. With such motivating considerations, Father concluded his talk, encouraging us to go forward in the footsteps of the Redeemer. Great was our joy in this renewal of fraternity!

For the Vow of Poverty in our life as DHS consecrated persons, we considered the different texts of THE COLOMBE No. 33: we looked at the life of our beginnings, that of our first sisters and the life of Jesus in situations of poverty.

It was also an opportunity for us to revisit the 'common document' (not the Common Document of the presentation of the 3 branches of the ESF Family) which details, a little more for us in Cameroon, our active life in the mission. Through free and spontaneous exchanges, we updated and appreciated this document.

As every year, we enjoyed this time spent among ourselves to exchange what we live in our different places of mission, opportunities to understand each other, to support each other, to take new directions, to start again on new bases.

A Mass closed our Assembly, during which each one of us expressed our intention to be a solid link in a solid chain... What a thrill to feel that we belong to such a living Family, which is always seeking to adapt itself better to the will of God through the current calls of our world! What a joy it is to be several people carrying the same desire together!

Sr Anne Marie ABIONO (Touloum community) - Sr Bertine BAYANG (Garoua community). Published on 8th November 2021.







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