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In Nigeria: Gratitude...

On November 4th, 2021, the Catholic Diocese of Oyo rejoiced with Bishop Emeritus Julius Adelakun on his 87th birthday.

The celebration started with a mass presided over by Bishop John Oyejola of Osogbo Diocese who enjoined the participants to thank God for his faithfulness in the life of Bishop Adelakun. In his homily he noted the importance of his generosity, and how well known he was, especially for his humble service to the less privileged and the unrecognised in society. Bishop Adelakun was also known as someone who seeks to find what is lost, just as the gospel of the day said: "Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost... (Luke 15: 1-10). The celebrant thanked God for this by singing, in Yoruba language: "God is the source of my strength"! He then thanked all the bishops, priests and all those present at the celebration. He gave special thanks to all those who have contributed to the smooth running of his foundation, "Bishop Adelakun Foundation" (BAF), an institution that helps the poor and less privileged to get education and other forms of assistance.

The second part of the celebration included a lecture by Dr Ambrose Attansey on the Covid.19 pandemic, its impact on the Church. The doctor explained to the audience the symptoms, the categories of people at risk, the mode of transmission, the impact of Covid.19 on the Church and the means of prevention.

After the lecture, some of the children who are beneficiaries of the Bishop Adelakun Foundation received a prize to encourage them in their studies. These beneficiaries, accompanied by their parents, expressed their sincere thanks to the bishop and other members of the foundation.

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit also expressed their gratitude to Bishop Adelakun for his fatherly love and interest in encouraging and supporting the formation of the Nigerian sisters who, by the grace of God, have continued to grow in number till date. We prayed to the Almighty God to sustain the Bishop and grant him joy and fulfilment in his old age.

Sister Patience EFFIONG (DHS). Published on 10th November 2021

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