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The Lord's work in my life

It was a special day on 23rd November 2021, the work of the Lord in my life, when the Vice-Province of Nigeria held a ceremony of my first religious profession in the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. It turned out that 23rd November was also my birthday!

The evening before the ceremony, during a time of prayer, I shared my sacred story, using symbols: - a large clay vase, - a filled jar which symbolizes God in my journey to this day, - and an empty jar which symbolizes me in this journey of faith.

These symbols signify the journey I have taken so far, as our Rule of Life says: "At certain moments we must accept to lose our security, to face contradictions and to walk in the risks of faith." As we know, a full jar can never hold more than its container: it must be emptied so that it can be filled again. In the initial stage of my training, my jar was so full that I felt it could not hold anything more. It was difficult for me to empty it: total surrender was difficult for me; it was difficult for me to accept losing my security and to take the risk of letting God guide me.

But in time, I accepted to lose the security of the ideal image of myself to face the contradictions and walk in the risks of faith, to let go and accept what God brings into my life every day. The time of formation helped me to clear my mind and detach myself from things that would not give me life. The processes of inner growth began and my spiritual thirst for God became significant. My spiritual journey became a constant process of emptying and filling with God's grace, of giving and receiving. As I continued to empty myself, I realized how much Christ was filling me with virtues and graces.

The ceremony of my religious profession began at 10am, with the celebration of Holy Mass, during which I with my family, the formation directress, the vice-provincial and the priests joyfully processed to the altar. Fr. Augustine Abiola, who presided over the Eucharistic celebration welcomed everyone. After the Liturgy of the Word, the Formation Directress; Sr. Stella Oluwafemi invited me to come forward to make my intention known to the congregation and present my request to the Vice-Provincial; Sr. Anthonia Ayeni who received my request with joy and thanksgiving. Then a hymn was sung by all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit present.

In his homily, Fr. Anthony Omodunbi spoke of "The logic of the little ones". He explained that Jesus   spoke often of little children because they are the symbol of faith. Children are simple and pure in heart, as should be our way of life as Daughters of the Holy Spirit. Simplicity should always characterize me in whatever position I find myself; in living the evangelical counsels*, for which I am going to take my vows.

After the homily, the Vice-Provincial invited me to pronounce my vows; then she gave me the SYMBOL; The Dove. The Magnificat was sung with joy and I went forward to sign the register which symbolizes the covenant between me and God. Afterwards I was welcomed by all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit present and my family.

At the end of the liturgy of the Eucharist, I was invited to the altar to receive a blessing, followed by the rite of sending on mission. Amidst songs of thanksgiving, all those present danced towards the altar with me, with hearts full of gratitude!

I thank the Lord and all those who helped me to answer this call. May God bless you all!

Rachael Busayo OMOLOSO. Published on 26th November 2021

*Evangelical counsels. Invitation to come closer to what Jesus himself lived: love, closeness to the poor, justice, reconciliation, total gift and obedience to the Father. Every baptized person is called to live the evangelical counsels since the Gospel is addressed to each of us. Religious and consecrated persons commit themselves by vows to live them in a life totally given to God in communion with Christ.


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