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For the dignity and autonomy of women

Recently I was asked by the CDD-CARITAS -Diocesan Development Committee-Caritas- of the diocese of Maroua-Mokolo, in CAMEROON, to train women leaders of this diocese. The women leaders are chosen in each village, without distinction of religion, to receive various basic trainings which they will in turn give to the other women of their own village. They are looking for ways to improve their households and at the same time to earn some money - which makes it possible to send their children to school.

It is therefore to meet their needs that the CDD-CARITAS called on me to demonstrate the manufacture of household products such as bar and liquid soap, hydroalcoholic gel and vaseline. This corresponds to our concerns as an DHS: to put everyone on their feet, to allow women to regain their dignity, their autonomy, their freedom, as with all young girls. For these week-long training sessions, I had to group the women by zone, from Koza, to Mogode, Mokolo, Mora and Maroua.

All of them expressed their joy by saying: "These trainings are Godsend for our own villages: we will be able to sell our products at a good price and this will give us a little more weight in the eyes of our men...". And they sang and danced! Women from other villages are also asking for this same training.

Sister Monique Gabana DHS, koza. Published on 6 December 2021

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