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Temporary Professed Sisters: mission and attitudes

From 27th to 28th December 2021 in Garoua, Cameroon, the annual meeting of the six young Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the Vice-Province took place. The exchange focused on "My mission and the attitudes of a Daughter of the Holy Spirit".

Vedette, the group coordinator, invited us to become more aware, as young religious, of how we perceive the mission. She reminded us of the true meaning of mission among the DHS: a mission that is received and given.

After this introduction, questions were given to each one to review, in a personal time, her way of serving her sisters, the poor, the sick, the children and to be able to give a better account of the mission received. The questions were: How did I start my new mission (if Ithat being the case) or how did I continue my DHS mission after our last Vice-Provincial Assembly? What are my joys, my difficulties, my efforts to conversion? How do I share my mission with my sisters in community, in Vice-Province, in Congregation? What should I do to be more "linked to those with whom God has given us as companions"? (Chapter II of the Rule of Life and art. 11 of the Rule of Taden).

The group sharing of each person's missionary experience allowed each of them to bring elements of response, such as: "Because the community atmosphere is joyful and friendly, we simply share our days, our joys and concerns of the mission, during the moments when we meet (meals, washing up, prayer, relaxation, meetings...). Through the new technologies (WhatsApp, email, sms), we exchange with the other DHS of the Vice-Province, of the congregation and especially with those who have almost the same mission as us. " And to be more "linked to those whom God has associated with us": "- To be myself, to respect and welcome my sisters as they are. - Make an effort to show my support (phone call, message, physical presence) to one or other who is experiencing happy or unhappy events. - Pray for each other.

Thus we could leave in joy to continue our mission with confidence in the hope to meet at least once at the beginning and end of each year.

Sr Anne Marie Abiono, Touloum Communit
Sr Vedette Ndaokai, Community of N'Gaoundéré (novitiate)
Published on 10 January 2022

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