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A cheerful centenarian!

It is with great pleasure that the Community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the Jura, France - Sisters of Saint-Claude and Lons-Le-Saunier - met at the EHPAD François d'Assise in Lons, to celebrate the 100th birthday of our dear Sister Jeanne-Marie LOPPIN: 16 May 1922 - 16 May 2022.

A room had been reserved for us, magnificently decorated by Sister Michelle: we could even see the photo of a very beautiful rose "Marie Balavenne" (name of our foundress), received from Saint-Brieuc!

A few weeks ago, however, we really thought she was going to leave us, but she bounced back in an amazing way! Who would have thought it? As Sister Marie-Bernadette Apéré, who knew her well in Poligny, writes: a sparrow's appetite, unbelievable and memorable falls, but... a nightingale's voice entirely devoted to the "Beau Jura" and to "Poligny", whose verses she strings together with a surprising memory.

Indeed, when she arrives, beautifully coiffed and smiling, she greets the audience and sings a song she particularly likes: "Qu'il est formidable d’aimer!” - How great it is to love”.

After the "Happy Birthday" and a time of prayer dedicated to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, it was time for a festive and relaxing refreshment. The happy centenarian played some harmonica tunes with a still vigorous breath and then, with a mischievous air, she mimed some comic ditties, which made everyone laugh, including the Director and the nurse coordinator, the Franciscan Sisters and the members of staff we had invited. A wonderful atmosphere!

May the Lord bless her and let this ray of sunshine and humour remain with us!

When these festive moments were over, Sister Jeanne-Marie wisely retired to her room: she recollected herself and reread all the mail she had received, which warmed her heart. As for us, we took the road back to Saint-Claude, giving thanks to the Lord for this beautiful fraternal celebration.

The Community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Saint-Claude: Sisters Michelle, Françoise and Marguerite. Published on 19 May 2022


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