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Antofagasta Community. To serve the poor, the sick and the children”... this spiritual experience of our first Sisters lives among us still. The message of Matthew 25 still motivates us. Contact with the people whom we accompany enriches us, with their lives, their faith, their sharing. Our Community is inserted among the people we serve in a much slower rhythm, according to our ability: as volunteers in a limited way at the chapel and parish of the sector, sitting many times as” bridge” between the pastor and the people of the Chapel, accompanying the laity, forming and accompanying the Associates of Antofagasta. Advancing the Project for children and youth on the level of their life of faith, on which the three branches of the Congregation are invited to work togehter. Participants include Flor Marquez, Secular Branch; Maria Bustamante, Teresa Avalos and Juan Carlos Paez, Associates, and Sister Maria Ines. The first group of children were boys: nephews and cousins of the Associates; later, they were joined by their friends and neighbors. Hermana Maria-Ines Rojas Morales


Santiago CommunityIn Santiago, the “Marie Balavenne” community is made up of three of us: Germaine, Isabel and Kenia. Isabel dedicates most of her time to the pastoral care of the sick in the area of John XXIII chapel within Nuestra Senora del Olivo parish, a ministry which includes following up the disease evolution and accompaniment of both the sick and their families. She is also the coordinator of Latin American Associates (Chile and Peru). Germaine ensures the formation of the Consecrated Laywomen. Besides, she is a member of the group of people who visit the sick around the “Santa Ines” chapel and takes part in the ministry to the sick at the level of our parish. Kenia dedicates herself to the ministry of “Fraternal Assistance” in San Diego de Alcala” parish. She accompanies the Associates. She also ensures the secretariat of the religious men and women Conference in Chile.

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