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Burkina Faso

VICE PROVINCEBURKINA FASO 15 sisters, 3 communities (April 2008) - Burkina Faso became a Vice-province on the 3rd of January 2008. It is a challenge for the future but also probably a necessity, given the communication difficulties with Cameroon which Burkina used to be dependent on as a district. - The Koudougou community is moving to another area in town where the sisters will be involved in more direct missionary work. The community has just purchased a plot of land on which a community house is being built for the vice-provincial, the sisters involved in pastoral work and the DHS students who are pursuing their professional formation.. - At Diebougou, the community has moved to an area outside the town. The construction of the nutritional centre which takes in orphans and undernourished children started in 2004. - The Pharyiago community was opened in 2006. Before that, the sisters lived in a rudimentary house among the population. Today the diocese is building a house for them on the mission compound. - Young Burkinabe women are joining the Congregation : The calls for the mission are many. The Spirit challenges us to enlarge the space of our tents so as to respond to new needs. - A Burkinabe woman, the first one, made her commitment as an associate on 8 December 2007.

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