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Justice and Solidarity

In order to be more effective in social action in a world where human beings are wounded in their dignity, we collaborate with others organizations for greater justice and love. With others, we work to defend human rights, the dignity of each person -children, youth, women, aged or handicapped people...- and respect for creation. Some of us live among disadvantaged populations: public housing, shantytowns, mixed housing.

  • Help for displaced persons

    We were happy to do this on behalf of all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit for these children who are so needy.

  • Courageous "hummingbirds”

    These "hummingbirds" have a heart so, week after week, they collect newspapers, advertisements, outdated magazines... and the integral ecology also gains!

  • With the children in the IDP camps

    Dances, the presentation of gifts to the winners and a festive meal closed these days of "Christmas in solidarity".

  • Christmas with the displaced

    ... we must hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor which are inseparably linked, and make them our own.

  • For the dignity and autonomy of women

    The women leaders are chosen in each village, without distinction of religion, to receive various basic trainings which they will in turn give to the other women of their own village.

  • "Dignity in the cemetery”

    The symbol of all: a composition of the flower of dignity... An ephemeral flower, like a mandala* for the spirit of the deceased, like a resonance that reminds us that every individual has the right to life but also to death with the greatest respect.

  • Our Lady of the Homeless and of All People

    chapel, a reminder of Father Wrezinski's meeting of 1957 with families living in extreme poverty,..

  • Strong experience!

    ur community "Daughters of the Holy Spirit" of the Foyer Marie Balavenne, in Burkina Faso, has just lived a very strong experience linked to our charism.

  • Winter 2021

    In the winter of the world, renewal germinates.

  • Loving care

    An "ecological conversion" which will impregnate our relations with the environment and with others.

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