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Africa : Burkina-Faso


Vice-provincial house :


Presence of the DHS in BURKINA-FASO

--- OUAGADOUGOU DIOCESE                             We live in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Kossodo, situated on the Ouaga-Kaya main road.


In community: Sr Olga KIENDREBEOGO, vice-provincial - Sr FATOUMATA DA, VP Bursar - Sr Clémentine TAPSOBA

--- KOUDOUGOU DIOCESE                       Koudougou town is situated in the Western Centre of Burkina at about 100 kilometers from the capital Ouaga. Our community is part of Saint Joseph Moukassa Parish, Koudougou.

* DHS Community - BP 34 - Koudougou

In community: Sr Oho Lydie NOUFFE, responsable de la Communauté - Sr Jermé BAVA - Sr Alice TODOU    

--- DIEBOUGOU DIOCESE                         Diebougou town lies to the South-West of Burkina on the Ouaga-Gaoua main road, at 317 km from the capital. The 2 communities: Bagane and the hostel are part of the Diebougou St Pierre and St Paul Cathedral parish. Phariyago is situated in Bondigui town at about 35 Km from Diebougou on the Diebougou- Bobo main road.

* DHS Community at Bagane - BP 8284 - Diebougou.

In community: Sr Inour Marie Rolande SOMDA, responsable de la Communauté - Sr Valentina Lucy IYISHU - Sr  Sylvie ROAMBA, Sr Eveline SOME BOUORSA

* Phariyago DHS Community - BP 8284 - Diebougou

Phariyago Parish lies to the west of Diebougou diocese, at about 30 km from the parish Cathedral. It is a catechumenal parish created in 1999.Our DHS community exists as of 20016. At the moment, the Phariyago Community is made of three sisters.

In community: Sr Yelli Nathalie KAM, responsable de la Communauté, Sr Sindykielgba Amélie ZOUGMORE

Our mission. ”Each community in its own locality takes part in the mission of the congregation in the Church. It discerns its own way of incarnating the charism according to our choices for mission." As Daughters of the Church, we strive to seek unity in diversity through the link of peace.

We live together to serve - the sick in Bondigui public dispensary, - the women regrouped into an association called “women standing”, - the pupils at the Parish primary school whose management we see to and the children at the Christian Brothers college.                                                              “We pay special attention to the Underprivileged wherever we are sent, especially in the education, health and social sectors.”(RL 3).We try to recognize in them the Person of Jesus Christ. We participate in God’s Mission of love together with all those, women and men, who seek to restore in the world relationships characterized by justice and fraternal love. Concretely, it means that we collaborate with the other teachers and the parents in such a way that the dignity of all the pupils be recognized. Concerning the Dispensary, given that the Government offers us, free of charge, the means we need to tend to the children under 5 years of age, we try to sensitize the parents to take part in their education.

Belonging to St John the Evangelist parish at Phariyago, we do our most to carry and share our charism with all the parishioners and particularly with the lay members of the Parish Council and the choir members; we share our faith with the Catechumens; we also have to see to the sacristy. phariyago.pdf Lien externe

* DHS Community at "Mary Balavenne" hostel - BP 8284 -  Diebougou

In community: Sr Mary ABODUNRIN, responsable de la Communauté - Sr Julienne MATCHOU  WANIE - Sr Yéri Eugénie PALENFO.  




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