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Family News

  • Service Passage

    In his homily on the Gospel of the Washing of the Feet, the Bishop exhorted the Sisters to support each other in the mission, each one having a particular role, one varying from the other.

  • Nigeria Vice-Province. First profession

    The Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Nigeria Vice-province celebrated first profession of their five novices this day, 15th June, 2020...

  • Confined traveller

    My experience in Lomé -TOGO- has not been in vain. All is grace!

  • Our doctor and dad FOBA Robert

    Our Doctor FOBA has lived among us as a man discreet, humble, peaceful, attentive, very respectful and very faithful to his commitment to the group of Associates in Cameroon since December 17, 2005.

  • Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

    "Go and say to your brothers and sisters, 'He has risen from the dead, and behold, he goes before you into Galilee, there you will see him"

  • A visit…

    We are Germaine, Isabel, Isabelle and Kenia who wasnt to visit you in your homes from our far away land of Santiago, Chile.

  • "Branches": a symbol...

    The “bouquets” : We thus provide the “bouquets” that begins this Holy Week...

  • The Confinement Opens the Floodgates!

    A flow of information and disinformation, of applause, music, songs, poems, words of encouragement, prayers pour through our social networks...

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