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Family News

  • Epiphany and... Commitments.

    This Saturday, January 6th, the bells of the Saint Yves Church in Saint Brieuc ring at full peal. Five p.m. approaches, everyone, after greetings and wishes of a happy new year exchanged on the parking lot, hurried towards the church… It is in this parish that the event will take place.

  • At Touloum, the growth of the Tree...

    On the 10th of December 2017, in the parish of Touloum, a town of Cameroon located in the Far North region, nine individuals have committed themselvs as Associates to the Congregation, five women and four men: on that day, their entry into the Spiritual Family increased the number of Associates to 84!

  • A Revived "Yes"

    The 5th of Last November, the vice Province of Cameroon gave me the opportunity to celebrate a thanksgiving mass in my native parish of Touboro, also located in the north Cameroon region...

  • USA: a Day to revisit the International Assembly

    It was on a beautifully sunny and brightly hued October Saturday that 70 + members of the US Province gathered at the Provincial House gymnatorium to share the lived experiences of the religious, consecrated seculars and associates...

  • In Cameroon: a time to restart...

    On the weekend of October 20th to 22nd, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit from the Vice-Province of Cameroon came together in Garoua : a moment of fraternal reunions, a time to replay the moments of the past year to kickstart the year that is starting with common objectives.

  • The commitment of September 16th 2017.

    Saturday, september the 16 th 2017, in the beautifull heart of the Saint Claude cathedral (Jura, FRANCE), it's with joy that we with Bernadette, Edwige, Isabelle and Gérard made a commitment to the spiritual family of the daughters of the holy Spirit...

  • Three weeks later...

    The following days. We went to Medio Mundo, a village further north of Huaura. We visited the districts of San Martin and Santa Cruz, where Simone, Odile and Marité lived...

  • Landing on the Peruvian soil!

    So here we are, it is a week now since we set foot on the Peruvian soil, -Bernadette coming from North Cameroon, Isabelle from France, Pascaline from Burkina Faso, after receiving our mission at Ile Blanche on 15 August…-. So many events have happened ever since. … First at the airport, what a surprise: a group of Associates was waiting for us displaying a beautiful billboard! In the (...)

  • August 2017: Assembly of the Spiritual DHS Family

    On 10 August 2017, 79 delegates coming from the USA, Chile, Peru, England, Wales, from France, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Sisters, Consecrated Lay women and Associates gathered at Ile breathtakingly beautiful Ile Blanche.

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