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Family News

  • Three weeks later...

    The following days. We went to Medio Mundo, a village further north of Huaura. We visited the districts of San Martin and Santa Cruz, where Simone, Odile and Marité lived...

  • Landing on the Peruvian soil!

    So here we are, it is a week now since we set foot on the Peruvian soil, -Bernadette coming from North Cameroon, Isabelle from France, Pascaline from Burkina Faso, after receiving our mission at Ile Blanche on 15 August…-. So many events have happened ever since. … First at the airport, what a surprise: a group of Associates was waiting for us displaying a beautiful billboard! In the (...)

  • August 2017: Assembly of the Spiritual DHS Family

    On 10 August 2017, 79 delegates coming from the USA, Chile, Peru, England, Wales, from France, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Sisters, Consecrated Lay women and Associates gathered at Ile breathtakingly beautiful Ile Blanche.

  • Celebration of our Diamond Jubilee

    On 30 July 2017, we assembled at the Mother House, a significant place for us, to give thanks for the 60 years of religious life in the Congregation.

  • Secular Branch - European region

    "If a responsability has been given to you, accept it in a spirit of service in the foot prints of christ the servant "gentle and humble of heart" Statues 29. The regional council of the secular branch of Europe has just been renewed: Christiane Rannou has been named regional regulator, Giovanna Commissione and Marie Therese Mochet are the councillors. In accordance with our statues they have been appointed for 3 years.

  • Our Extended Family Picnic

    Smiles, whispered and loudly proclaimed hello’s and how are you’s, hugs, kisses, Oh my goshes and is it really you? were seen and heard on this late June Saturday morning that promised bright sunshine after downpours and hours of catching up after long periods of separation. This was the long-awaited day of the DHS extended family picnic that would gather the Sisters, the Associates, the Consecrated Seculars and former DHS.

  • Bright Day in the Family

    Yveline is at the center of the gathering. Today, with her, a family support worker, the "ASSOCIÉS" branch will grow, because she is going to engage in it with joy and simplicity.

  • News from Peru

    All, united as a family, have renewed their commitments, Associates and Religious and Mery Muñoz of the Medio Mundo sector, made her first commitment as Associate.

  • Associates…. Meetings "like a visitation"

    The objective of our meeting was that we, Associates of the daughters of the Holy Spirit of Belgium, Hauts de France and the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the communities of this region, in this Pentecost Monday: in the Spirit of Pentecost, to visit and meet witnesses. So, on June 4, 2017, we gathered at 9:30 am at the Carmel de Fouquières-les-Béthune.

  • In Cameroon: a little Marie Balavenne!

    The life of Marie Balavenne, foundress of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Congregation, has seduced Mana Gregoire, one of our Associates, so much that he has given his daughter the name of Marie Balavenne. Marie Balavenne was born on 2 December 2010, at Touroua in the North Cameroon region.

  • Cameroon Associates, what challenges for us?

    The Cameroon Associates’ General Assembly took place at Lara, on 18 February 2017; were present Sister Pauline Maïssenso, the vice-provincial and the DHS councilors of the different groups. Like every year, there were a great number of participants.

  • Internet: a place

    Back from a session on "the media", organized by CORREF, the Conference for religious men and women in France, which took place in Paris on 11-12 February 2017, I hastened, as I often do, to go and see what was on, on the site of our Congregation...

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