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Youth and women’s empowerment programme.

Over the years, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit have been involved in the empowerment of youth and women, through education and social work, to raise the dignity of the human person in the rural areas where they are present, by organizing workshops and seminars.

Today, the Covid-19 is shaking up the world, causing the unemployment rate of young people and women to rise.

In Nigeria, the situation of young people aged 15 to 35 (70 % of the population) is becoming worrying. We would like to launch a programme based on workshops to contribute to the training of some young people in rural areas where we are called on mission to enable them to become aware of their potential.

This will enable them to transform their good ideas and energy into positive development and the recognition of the dignity of work. At the end of this training, they will be able to develop themselves and become leaders, the transformers of tomorrow.

--- ObjectiveTo empower about a hundred young men and women in places where the Daughters of the Holy Spirit are present, with the setting up of three-month training programmes in Ogbomoso (garment making), Osogbo (leather crafts, jewellery, fishing), Ota (cosmetology).

--- Expressed needs:

   The purchase of sewing equipment and materials (10 sewing machines, 2 button machines, 2 weaving machines, fabrics, scissors, needles, threads..., chairs and stools)             2,300 €

  The purchase of equipment and supplies for miscellaneous craft trades (machines, beads, medals, rubber, fishing thread, pliers, hooks, cord, string, leather, wool...)                   1,550 €

  The purchase of basic materials and components for the manufacture of cosmetic products (soda ash, cosmetic soda, acids, dyes, perfumes, preservatives...)                          850 €

                        --- Cost of the project: 4,700 €

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