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Project to equip a nutrition service at the Marie Balavenne Health Centre in Makabaye

The Marie Balavenne Health Centre in Makabaye is a health centre created by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. It is located in Makabaye, a district of the town of Maroua in the far north of Cameroon. It was inaugurated on 29th June 2020. This Centre was created in order to respond to the health needs of the population and the mission of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

The CSMBM has services such as: curative consultations, laboratory examinations, maternity, minor surgery, pro-pharmacy, ultrasound.

The Centre receives many mothers coming with malnourished children. One of the factors in this situation is the mothers’ lack of knowledge of what is a balanced meal for each age group and the use of food in families.

--- Objective. To set up a nutrition service within the Marie Balavenne Health Centre in order to form mothers in food management and the production of flour or porridge enriched with local products.

--- The Needs (for one year):

• Foodstuffs: millet, peanuts, soya, sugar, iodised salt             1,980 €

• Kitchen equipment: pots, cups, buckets, sieves,                                       dishes                                                                     260 €

 Educational supplies: picture boxes, posters, booklets, aprons, mills                                                                                     2,070 €

  Fuel                                                                      100 €

•  Remuneration of formators                                   1,100 €

               ---  Cost of the project (for one year): 5 510 € 

Photo. Marie Balavenne Center

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