A certificate that opens up a future…

How do you make a young girl who is in the process of growing up and seeking to develop outside her family environment happy? How can we make her hope for a better future when she has not had the chance, in this world today, to finish primary school? The Centre de Promotion de la Jeune Fille (CPJF) -The Centre for Promotion of the girl Child- in Touloum, Cameroon, works to enable her to take charge of her life, have a job and thus integrate socially.

These young girls who have dropped out of school receive training in sewing, knitting, embroidery and cooking… but also, through the education, social and family economy courses they receive over a period of three years, to become better housewives and good mothers.

On Friday 27th May 2022, a beautiful ceremony took place to mark the end of the training for the girls of level 3, who had reached the end of their course: of this Centre, they received a certificate certifying that they had been trained, particularly in sewing. By leaving this place, we encourage them to redouble their efforts to continue to take care of themselves and to look for employment in the trades of sewing, cooking, embroidery and knitting.

On this day, the 11 girls showed their joy through songs, dance, poems … Their families came from distant villages to support them as well as the military, civil, religious and administrative authorities. The emotion was great and this will remain an unforgettable memory in their history!

Sr Anne Marie ABIONO – Daughter of the Holy Spirit Community. Touloum – Published on 11th June 2022.