Burkina Faso

Presence of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso has 17 sisters –16 Burkinabé, 1 Camerooniandivided into 5 communities. 
and 8 Associates.
(as of December 31, 2022)


Vice-Provincial House of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit
 01 BP 6462 – OUAGADOUGOU 01

  • In community: Sr Silvie ROAMBA, vice-provincial,
  • Sr Fatoumata DA, Vice-provincial bursar – Sr Evelyne SOME.

We are in the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Kossodo, situated on the Ouaga-Kaya axis. In addition to the service of the vice-provincial, our mission is essentially in pastoral care for the accompaniment of groups for catechesis and for the weekly listening at the High Security prison. Then we pay more and more attention to the displaced people and our prayer is directed towards our country in search of peace and security.


  • Community Daughters of the Holy Spirit – BP 34 – Koudougou
  • In community: Sr Alberta SOME, responsible for the Community;
  • Sr Eugénie PLENFO – Sr Eugénie PLENFO – Sr Clémentine TAPSOBA.

The town of Koudougou is located in the centre west of Burkina Faso, some 100 km from the capital Ouaga. We opened a nursery school in October 2020


  • Community Daughters of the Holy Spirit Bagane – BP 8482 – Diébougou.
  • In community:
    • Sr Inour Marie Rolande SOMDA, responsible for the Community;
    • Sr Pauline MAISENSO, – Sr Odette ZONGO.

The town of Diébougou is in the south-west of Burkina Faso on the Ouaga-Gaoua axis, 317 km from the capital. The communities of Bagane and Le Foyer are part of the Cathedral Parish of Saint Peter Saint Paul of Diébougou. The Parish of Phariyago is in the commune of Bondigui, some 35 km from Diébougou on the Diébougou-Bobo road.


  • Community Daughters of the Holy Spirit Phariyago – BP 8282 – Diébougou.
  • In the community:
    • Sr Yelli Nathalie KAM, responsible for the community,
    • Sr Juliet IDOWU, Sr Ida MEDA.

The Parish of Phariyago is located in the west of the Diocese of Diébougou, about 30km from the Cathedral Parish. It is a catechumenal parish created in 1999. Our Daughters of the Holy Spirit community has existed since 2006. We are currently three Sisters in the Phariyago Community.

Our mission. “Each community participates in the mission of the Congregation where it lives. It discerns how to incarnate the charism according to the missionary choices which are ours” RDV N° 11. Daughters of the Church, we try to seek unity in diversity through the bond of peace.

We live together to serve – the sick at the public dispensary of Bondigui, – the women grouped together in an association called ‘femmes débout’ – and the children at the Primary School of the Parish of which we have the direction and at the College of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

“We pay special attention to the less privileged where we are sent, mainly in the educational, health and social sectors” (RDV N° 3). We try to recognise in them the Person of Jesus Christ. We participate in the Mission of God with all those who seek to restore relationships in the world marked by justice and fraternity. In a concrete way, we seek to give dignity to all students in collaboration with other teachers and parents. At the level of the Dispensary, with the free health care offered by the Government to children under five years old, we try to sensitize the parents of the children in their care.

In the Church, in St. John the Evangelist Parish of Phariyago, we collaborate with all the parishioners, especially with the members of the Parish Council of the Laity (CPL) and the Choirs; we share our faith with the Catechumens and we also have the responsibility of the Sacristy. phariyago.pdf

  • Community Daughters of the Holy Spirit – Foyer “Marie Balavenne” – BP 8284 – Diébougou
  • In community:
    • Sr Mary ABODUNRIN, responsible for the Community.
    • Sr Lydie NOUFE – Sr Amélie ZOUGMORE.

This community, which houses a hostel for young girls, about fifty a year, from the sixth to the final year of secondary school, has essentially an educational mission.


June 2022